High School Senior Session


When should I book my senior session? 

Most seniors book their session during the summer before senior year however you can have your portrait taken anytime during your senior year. Gotta love the fall foliage! If we're shooting outside, we'll plan to start about an hour before sunset if possible. 

Do we shoot in your studio, or somewhere else? 

That is completely your preference! My studio is always available for straight forward portrait sessions, and I also have a ton of great outdoor areas here too. But if you like to hike, let's go to a trail! If you love the beach, we should totally do the beach. If you are focusing on baseball, let's head for the field; don't forget your bat and glove! This session is all about you and your interests. 

How many outfits can I bring? 

We'll likely shoot for about 1-1.5 hours, so 1-3 outfits is standard. That being said, your outfits should match your personality. If we are going to be shooting on-location there may not be a bathroom so try to keep changes simple, no mirror required. 

Should I have my hair and makeup done? 

Hair and makeup is totally optional, but is also a great idea. I have a great makeup artist I work with often and I highly recommend her; I'd be happy to provide her information upon request. If you decide to do your own makeup and hair, just be sure that it's you.

What if I don't know to pose? 

I am going to put you in the best light, step back to make my camera adjustments, and see what you do naturally. If I can tweak your position to improve the photo, you bet I will! But if you're doing something that looks great, don't be surprised if I just keep shooting. I want your personality to shine, so we'll work together to make sure that happens :)

Should I bring anything with me to my session? 

You're welcome to bring anything that shows off your personality and interests. Love to BMX? Bring that bike. Play violin? Bring it! Let's have some fun with this session.

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