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Newborn & Infant Session 


When should I schedule my session? 

Newborn sessions are best if photographed within the first 12 days of life. If you know you want to book a session, we should get something in the books before you deliver, especially if we are doing a hospital session. If timing changes, you become my top priority and we will change course accordingly. Obviously, it's never "too late" to schedule newborn/infant photos. Just keep in mind that the "sleepy" photos tend to be much easier to capture the earlier we shoot. Awake photos are beautiful too, so don't let that detail get in your way! 


What if we're all not feeling up to it so soon? 

I know that this is a very trying time, with little sleep and lots of healing playing a large part in how you're feeling. The plan is for these sessions to be very relaxing and low stress. I want to photograph you and your baby as you are and the session will flow with the baby and everyone's needs. If you have props we'll do our best to use them however we do not want them to run our session; that can become stressful, especially if baby just wants to be held, cuddled, and fed. As time goes on, your baby may become more and more awake and those sleepy photos may become less feasible. While I do recommend shooting as close to your delivery date as possible, again, photos of the baby awake are just as important! You'll want to remember every detail of him/her, believe me :) They're just much more observant after 12 days old and they tend to wake up more easily so to be on the safe side, don't have your heart set on "sleepy bundled baby" photos after that point. We will take whatever mood the baby's in and make the best of it. 

What do you suggest for clothing? 

For the baby, I suggest keeping clothing minimal and colors neutral. We want to focus on that new soft skin and your baby's adorable features. Bold prints and patterns tend to steal the light. When I arrive, have your baby dressed in something comfortable, solid, and preferably easily removable. Your baby is likely to fall asleep (but doesn't always, especially if over 2 weeks old) so we want to be able to slip off it off without waking. If you'd like to focus on skin-only photos, that's great too; no need for planning outfits and personally, those are my favorite. For the parents, I also suggest keeping prints and colors neutral and simple. If I were you, I'd also have a couple of outfits lined up in case of spit ups or accidents. 

Is there anything else we should prepare before you come? 

Have any comforts available including bottles, nursing covers, pacifiers, neutral knit blankets, swaddles, etc. Extra changes of clothes should be lined up in case of accidents. If we're shooting in your home, we'll likely be mostly in your bedroom, the baby's room, the living room, and even the kitchen, however I'll be looking mostly for the best natural/available light. Please keep these areas free of clutter so that we don't have to think about it during our session. Simple, clean backgrounds are best. 

Will you be posing us throughout the session? 

Yes, and no. I will let you know where to stand for the best lighting, step back to make my camera adjustments, and see what you do naturally. If you're doing something I love, I'll just start shooting! If I can tweak you in a way that will improve the picture, I'll direct you accordingly. What I really want is to capture your emotions and the love you have for one another, so once you're in place just look at each other, look at me, play with your baby's finger, kiss your wife's cheek, do whatever strikes you in that moment. I want the experience of the session to be just as memorable as the photographs. Have some fun, show your people how much you love them, and maybe even take this as an opportunity to earn some brownie points with your partner ;) 

What if my baby cries the entire time and we don't get any photos?

If this happens right off the bat, I can either come back an hour later to give you some time to get re-situated or we can reschedule the session for a different date within a week at no additional cost. If your home is further than 10 miles from my studio, our second session will be at the studio. 

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