2018 Holiday Minis FAQ

How will this mini session run? 

I am reserving 45 minutes for each family. When you arrive at the studio (485 New Park Ave, West Hartford, CT) there will be refreshments and snacks for you and your family to enjoy throughout our session. I will introduce myself and try to connect with any children in the room. By knowing a bit about them ahead of time (thanks to the questionnaire you filled out!) I will be able to gain their trust and attention and hopefully get them in front of the camera alone first. Then I will photograph the next sibling, and any subsequent, then the siblings together, then add in parents, and then I'll also photograph parents together as well! This is a very loose plan and if it happens a different way that is totally cool. We will photograph in any way/order that works for your family. Also, any additional combo suggestions are welcome-- this is your session! After we finish up shooting, we'll discuss next steps and you can go about enjoying the rest of your day.


What if someone is sick or not feeling up to their portrait? 

If you're unable to make the portrait due to sickness, you can use the $125 plus tax as a credit toward a portrait session within 60 days of Nov 24th, 2018. If there are bad moods happening, I would say that we should still plan to keep our portrait date and Ill do my best to turn frowns upside down. I know firsthand how toddlers, babies, and teenagers can be. We will do what we can to redirect bad feelings and make our session silly, fun, and exciting! 

What do you suggest for clothing? 

When it comes to dressing the family, everyone should be coordinated with similar color tones and shades. Likewise, everyone should be the same amount of formal or casual.  Solids are usually best for the full family photo; too many patterns can be distracting and may clash with one another while everyone is standing together. If you want your child to wear a pattern for their solo photo but solid for the family photo, you're welcome to bring one change of clothing for each child. If you have a newborn, be sure the clothing fits well; oversized outfits tend to crowd tiny features. If you have any questions about a certain outfit you're welcome to send photos to tina@tinashoots.com and I'll do my best to help you prepare.  

Should we bring props or will you have props there? 

I will have some fun holiday props at the studio for when you arrive including Santa hats and beards for the children. I'll also some photo booth type shenanigans for fun! If you have an props you'd like to incorporate please run them by me ahead of time so I can provide input and plan accordingly. Newborn photographs will be kept fairly simple and classic. Small babies are very sensitive and have many needs which is why newborn sessions can take hours, so if you'd like to set up a newborn session separately to get special photos let me know!  

Is there anything else I should consider bringing? 

Try to anticipate your children's needs if things and moods go awry. Bring your child's favorite stuffed animal, blanky, snacks as bargaining tokens, etc. You may also want to have backup clothes for each person in case of accidents, spills, etc. Better safe than sorry! Don't worry about little stains that happen along the way- there's photoshop for that :)

Will you be posing us throughout the session? 

Yes, and no. I will let you know where to stand for the best lighting, step back to make my camera adjustments, and see what you do naturally. If you're doing something I love, I'll just start photographing! If I can tweak you in a way that will improve the picture, I'll direct you accordingly. What I really want is to capture your emotions and the love you have for one another, so once you're in place just look at each other, look at me, be silly with one another, use a holiday prop... have fun!  I want the experience of the session to be just as memorable as the photographs. Show your people how much you love them and take this as an opportunity to earn some extra brownie points! Your personalities will shine through, and the session will breeze by. 

What happens after we leave the studio? 

1-3 days after your session you'll get an email from me to decide on your online gallery viewing time frame. You'll have 24 hours from the release of your gallery to decide on your order. This session comes with three 5x7 prints to choose (plus additional if you'd like them) and you also have the option to order Christmas cards, wall enlargements, albums, etc. All small prints will be finished with appropriate crops, color corrections, and will have basic retouching. My goal is to get your order into processing by December 1st so that you'll have them with plenty of time for hanging, card sending, and gifting prints to loved ones for the holidays. 

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