Day in the Life Session 


What is a Day in the Life Session? 

This session is so special because it literally is all about you and your family. I come to you, wherever your most favorite place is (most times it's home!) and I photograph you guys as you are. We'll have a few activities planned to keep everyone engaged-- nothing crazy-- normal things like meal prep and mealtime, book reading, playing with blocks, swinging on the swing set, picnics in the backyard, jumping on the bed. Whatever you'd normally be doing at that time of the day. There's a good chance, especially if you have small children, you're going to forget all about the routine you had and the silly, regular things your little ones always did during those routines that made your heart swell. This session is designed to preserve those tiny moments for you to cherish, always. You can read here why Day in the Life sessions are the best sessions, and you can see a couple examples from my blog here and above. 


When should I book my Day in the Life session? 

I would say the best time to book is about 2 weeks before you want to shoot. That gives us time to plan and collaborate so we can make the most of your session. That being said, all you really need to do to prepare is make sure your family members are available at our set time, clean up a bit at home if were shooting in your home, and that's really about it! Just imagine your home looking like its best self, and you and your family looking like your best selves at home. If that's your children in their super hero jammies running around with their toothbrushes while you sip your coffee, hair in a topknot wearing cozy LLBean slippers ... that's what we want! 

Do we shoot in my home or can we go somewhere outdoors?

That is completely your preference! Your house is a great option because home is where the heart is, as they say.  However there are also other places you may be fond of; your beach/lake/summer house, your family's favorite park and maybe even the walk to it, camping in the woods (or backyard!), at the beach... the list goes on. Where do make your favorite memories together? Let's go there! 

If we go somewhere else, what should we bring? 

That depends largely on the location and what activities you enjoy when you go there. If it's the park, bring a wagon for your children, a blanket to sit on, maybe a picnic basket, books, bubbles... 

If it's your lake house, bring lake house things and don't forget to check the weather to dress accordingly. We want to keep the members of your family engaged, so bring some activities everyone can do together and let's have some fun! 

Should I have my hair and makeup done? 

Hair and makeup is totally optional, but could help you look like your best self. You'll have to consider our location and activities. If we're doing a pancake breakfast there's a good chance a full face of makeup may look out of place. If we're going to Central Park though, or doing a stylish family city stroll, I have a great makeup artist I work with often and I highly recommend her. I'd be happy to provide her information upon request. If you decide to do your own makeup and hair, just be sure that it's you.

Will we be posed? 

I am going to put you in the best light I can and step back and watch the magic happen. If I can tweak your position to improve the photo, you bet I will! But if you're doing something that looks great, don't be surprised if I just keep shooting. I want your personality to shine and I want to watch your family's interactions. Day in the Life sessions are candid and the love is in the details,  so we'll work together to make sure that happens in the most candid kind of way :)

What can I expect out of a Day in the Life Session? 

This session is about 3 hours long and we will be shooting through different activities. For families with small children, that would include hopefully a mealtime and nap time prep. Because of the nature of this session, you will come away with a downloadable gallery of around 100-200 images and a slideshow you'll enjoy for years to come. After our session, you'll come to the studio for a viewing session with snacks and refreshments, and this is when you'll watch your slideshow for the first time and do a run through of your gallery. You'll also make any additional orders here; you're welcome to order prints, a custom designed album, and I also offer wall enlargements. I'll be here to guide you through the entire process from beginning to end! 

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